Volvo Life Paint: A Reflective Paint to Protect Cyclists! - By : Substance,

Volvo Life Paint: A Reflective Paint to Protect Cyclists!

With the new cycling season to begin and the returne of Bixi bike in Montreal, Substance ÉTS has a good news for all cyclists…

In January, we mentionned on Substance ÉTS a connected helmet to protect cyclists. The Swedish manufacturer Volvo now announced a new product, a spray paint invisible by day and reflective at night: Volvo Life Paint. It increases the visibility of cyclists at night for a period of 10 days after its application. The product consists of a liquid material, essentially water, made up of light-reflective particles.

The paint is demonstrated in the video below:

This painting was developed by Albedo 100 for Volvo. It is applicable on all types of surfaces and materials, including textiles. In addition, it can be washed without damaging the product it was applied on.

This technological innovation is part of the Volvo campaign to promote the safety of its new vehicles.

To be tested, 2,000 sprays are currently being distributed in six bicycle shops in London, UK. Let’s hope this painting will quickly be available internationally.

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