The New Solar Car: Eclipse 8 - By : Substance,

The New Solar Car: Eclipse 8

All images from ÉTS Eclipse student club: Substance CC license applies to them.

In present days, the protection of the environment is a fundamental affair. This is one of the main reasons that motivate the ÉTS and their students to develop technologically advanced solar vehicles. This is the environmental compromise of the ÉTS.  All design must be tested, and there is no better opportunity than “World Solar Challenge”. A competition well known for its high quality, pushes forward possible and realistic solutions to the increasing problem of global pollution.


In friendly competition with other universities that shares the same goals, the teams depart Darwin aim to be the first to arrive in Adelaide, some 3000km to the south. The team must do a good energy management job. Starting with the concept that a 1000W normal car would complete the journey in 50 hours, but the solar cars are allowed a nominal 5kW hour of stored energy (10%). All other energy must come from the sun or be recovered from the kinetic energy of the vehicle.

 The ETS has decided to build a car with a minimalist design. The driver is going to have to rely on the shadow cast by the vehicle’s 391 solar cells for his own protection from the sun. Since the beginning of the project Eclipse, eight generations of solar prototype vehicles have been created and the team is not about to stop.

Regardless of results in the competition where the team had to tow the vehicle, the team already has a new goal: the World Solar Challenge 2014.

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