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First Centech Cohort Dedicated to Medical Technologies!

Centech Cohort Dedicated to Medical Technologies is in place in Montreal Already 12 startups joined the new Wed Tech cohort.

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Centech, the business incubator and innovation hub at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in Montreal, has set up its first entrepreneurial cohort dedicated to medical technologies. To date, twelve start-ups have joined the ranks of this new cohort called “Med Tech”.






Three Centech startups in medical technologies: 2D-Crystalab, Blühen Solutions and Corstem.

“With the creation of a specialized cohort in the field of medical technologies, we are able to meet the heavy demand in the Montréal market. Currently, 25% of Centech start-ups operate in this field,” said Centech’s General Director Richard Chénier.

Mr. Steven Arless, a successful entrepreneur in biomedical technologies, was hired as entrepreneur-in-residence for this new cohort. He will be charged with supervising entrepreneurs in this field so that they can benefit from his vast experience and knowledge. He is also one of the professors in the Surgery Innovation micro-program given jointly by McGill University, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) and Concordia University.

These Med Tech entrepreneurs will have access to a pool of experts and a unique network in Montreal, be it ÉTS laboratories and research chairs and other major medical academic institutions, medical schools, or successful business leaders and entrepreneurs in the technological and medical fields. A true spirit of collaboration has developed between the major Montreal medical and technological authorities, providing world-class support in the development of these start-up businesses.





Three other Centech startups in medical technologies: ROSP Automation, ENuvio and Innov2Learn.

“This new program represents our vision of bringing together a concentration of the best Med Tech start-ups under one roof and developing a true community of expertise in the field, right here in Montreal,” added Mr. Chénier.

The Med Tech cohort is open to all medical innovation entrepreneurs, regardless of their origin or academic affiliation. April 6, 2018, is the next deadline to submit projects for the S-18 cohort, which will include entrepreneurs from all technology fields.

Another startups in medical technologies:Saccade Analytics.

About Med-Tech Acceleration and Propulsion Programs

The 12-week Acceleration program allows selected businesses to benefit from a rigorous framework in which they can validate and measure their projects’ commercial potential, lay the foundations for a solid business model, and understand the different aspects that will make it a winning enterprise. In addition, a tailor-made curriculum is designed to promote understanding of industry-centric issues.

Centechhas set up its first entrepreneurial cohort dedicated to medical technologies. Twelve start-ups have joined this new cohort called “Med Tech”.

The best business projects can then access the two-year Propulsion program to move from idea to innovation and become profitable. It should be noted that Centech does not acquire any ownership interest nor does it invest in the businesses it supports.



Created in 1996 by the École de technologie supérieure and located in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier de l’innovation, CENTECH promotes start-ups dedicated to technological devices and other advanced technologies with high growth potential. Thanks to its two programs—Acceleration and Propulsion—CENTECH truly promotes growth, creating one of the highest densities of top-level technology entrepreneurs in Canada. Privileged partners like the Brandbourg agency specializing in brand creation, Deloitte professional services, BCF law firm, Tak Design, and the National Bank advise and support Centech start-up businesses.


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