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Drive a Tesla with Google Glass?

tesla google glass

Header pictures from “Tesla for Glass” Web site, no usage restriction known, source.

A computer engineer, Sahas Katta, founder of the company Smartcar, has developed an application to control various functions of the Tesla S electric car using Google Glass. The application is called Glass Tesla.


The application allows you to:
  • Lock and unlock doors as shown on the header picture
  • Control vehicle charging functions

mdtesla charge1 mdtesla charge2

  • Get direction

mdtesla direction2 mdtesla direction1

  •  Control air conditioning
mdtesla temp1 mdtesla temp2
The video below demonstrates the use of this application while driving a Tesla Model S:

As any application created, this is the first version. What else could we do in a near future on a car with Google Glass? Don’t forget that Google do a lot of research on autonomous control vehicle…

Ah! I forgot… do you know what is a Tesla S?



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