How to Enhance Team Creativity for the 24 Hours of Innovation Challenge! - By : Mario Dubois,

How to Enhance Team Creativity for the 24 Hours of Innovation Challenge!


You can enhance the creativity of the team during short ideation sessions like the 24 Hours. This series of articles will help you improve different creative components as teamwork, creativity processes, and time and risks management . And then, you can improve on eco-innovation, use mini creativity tools and Big Data to create, prototype and evaluate the feasibility of a project when time is short.


Are you creative and innovative? Can you meet the challenge of the 24 Hours of Innovation at the École de technologie supérieure (ETS) in Montréal on May 26 and 27, 2015? Think you and your team have what it takes to test yourself against the best creative teams from Europe, China, Africa, the USA and South America? You’re sure? There is only one way to find out: form or join a local or international team by registering on the ÉTS 24 Hours of Innovation website. This will be the beginning of a highly focused adventure! And for only 24 hours! It will allow you to test your creative potential and your ability to work in teams, skills that all employers of the world are actively seeking. Over 1,500 competitors are expected at this year’s event. Many prizes will be awarded to the winners.

 Aerial View of Multiethnic Group with Brainstorm Concept

But how can you get ready to tap into your creative potential and the creativity of the local team? We offer a series of articles produced in French, English and Spanish, covering all essential aspects of creativity, innovation and teamwork that you need to master to be on top of your creative process. These items come from the intense research work conducted by a team of researchers who have experimented, collected and analyzed data on all creativity and innovation aspects associated with the 24 Hours of Innovation since 2007. These articles are part of a weekly publication to give you time to learn and practice to measure yourself to the elite world of creativity, nothing less! We hope that, in time, you’ll be part of that elite!

Here is the list of articles and their publication date:





March 5 2015

Big Data and Creativity



Did you know that you could enhance creativity using Big Data? This article explains how.

March 9 2015

A Creativity Guide for Short Ideation Session


With this creativity guide, you will learn how to use all the essential creative components to find better ideas for innovation, within a team, during short ideation sessions.

March 16 2015

An International Summer School on Innovation and Technological Design at ÉTS!


ÉTS is organizing a summer school, following the 24 Hours of Innovation, that will enable participants to improve their skills in technology design and innovation.

March 23 2015

How to Use Big Data to Create?



From theory to practice: this guide explains how to use Big Data to create within the frame of short ideation sessions.


March 30 2015

Eco Innovation to Preserve the Environment


An Eco innovation process developed at ÉTS, which allows you to develop projects while respecting the environment.

April 6 2015

A Chronological Guide to Manage your Short Ideation Sessions


Time management is critical during short ideation sessions: this chronological guide will help you manage the time you spend on the different steps of this guide.

April 13 2015

A Guide to Do Great Eco Innovation Project


This guide explains how to use the eco innovation process during short ideation sessions.

April 20 2015

Mini Creative Tools to Start a Short Ideation Session

Mini creative tools, easy to learn and use, to define the problem and generate ideas.


April 23 2015

Mini Creative Tools to Complete a Short Ideation Session

Mini creative tools, easy to learn and use, to choose a solution, assess it and plan the remaining work.

April 27 2015

Risk Management for Short Ideation Session

Ideas generated represent different levels of risk. A guide to manage the risks and help make good choices.

May 4 2015

How to Prepare a Team for a Short Ideation Session

Preparing the team before starting a short ideation session is very important! This guide will help you do it.

May 11 2015

2D/3D   Prototyping for Short Ideation Session


2D/3D prototyping is essential to demonstrate the creativity and feasibility of your solution. This guide will help you prototype your solution.

May 18 2015

Assess the Feasibility of a Solution During Short Ideation Sessions

This guide will help you assess the feasibility of solutions discussed to help you choose the right one.

May 25 2015

How 3D Printing could be Helpful in Short Ideation Session?

A guide to introduce you to 3D printing and explain how this technology can be useful in short ideation sessions.


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