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With Project Sunroof, Google Calculates Rooftop Solar Potential

Solar energy is expanding and the giant Google has a great interest on it with one of its latest projects: Sunroof.

Sunroof is a tool that helps people to measure the potential they have to install solar panels on the roof of their house. The tool uses aerial imagery provided through Google Maps.


How does Project Sunroof works? At first, the customer has to enter its address. Sunroof first figures out an estimation of how much sunlight hits the rooftop all over the year, taking into account various factors such as roof orientation, shade from trees and nearby buildings and local weather patterns that might affect solar energy production. Then, the tool combines all this information to estimate the amount you could potentially save with solar panels.

Eventually, Sunroof is going to include a module to connect customers with local solar panels providers.

Some explanations on video:

With this project, Google makes solar panels installation simple for customers to understand and accessible in a few clicks.

For now, the project Sunroof only works at three locations in the US: the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno and Boston. If it’s prove a success, Google will extend the service to the whole country and even internationally.

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