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Water Signatures in 5 Exoplanets Atmospheres!

Header image: NASA’ Goddard Space Flight Center, source.

Two scientists groups leaded by Avi Mandell at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and L. Drake Deming of the University of Maryland have found water signatures in five exoplanets atmosphere using the Hubble Space Telescope WFC3 (Wide Field Camera 3).

These planets light-years beyond our solar system are so distant that scientists are using indirect methods to evaluate their characteristics, including the atmospheric components.  The Hubble Wide Field Camera 3 was used to analyze the absorption of light in the exoplanets atmospheres. Thus, determining the wavelengths of light that are being partially absorbed or transmitted permits to scope the gases composition of exoplanets atmospheres.  With this study, the Wide Field Camera 3 was used to observe a range of infrared wavelengths for analysis and evaluation of water signal traces.  The WFC3 is to be used with the future James Webb spatial telescope that will have the potential to track down biosignatures in the environment of the exoplanets by analyzing their atmospheric composition.

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