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Volvo’s Connected Helmet to Protect Cyclists!

In a near future, cars will be progressively equipped with automatic communication system. But what is it for cyclists and pedestrians? In fact, they are the most vulnerable in a collision.

Here is good news for cyclists … Volvo in collaboration with Ericsson and POC, presents a connected helmet for cyclists protection.

This innovation has been developed to warn a vehicle when it gets too close to a cyclist and to let cyclists know if they are in a vehicle’s blind spot or if they are on an imminent danger. Thus, the collision can be avoided.

The helmet works with a smartphone app that tracks the location and speed of the cyclist. This information is shared to the Cloud with all Volvo vehicles nearby that are equipped with the Volvo’s “City Safety system” .

The cyclist are warned of vehicles proximity via a helmet-mounted light and the car driver is informed by a “head-up” display alert, projected onto the windscreen. This alerts works even if the cyclist is in a blind spot or when visibility is poor.

At this stage the connected helmet is only a concept but it enables two-way communications of locations between cyclists and cars, reducing the possibility of collision. This innovation also represents a strong step toward road safety even if others cars manufacturers are not currently using it.

With the same purpose, do you remember Vanhawks‘sSmart” bicycle? It gives directions with flashing lights and vibrating safety alerts.

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