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Two ÉTS Research Chairs Renewed

Chaires de recherche

From left to right, the ÉTS Director General, Mr. Pierre Dumouchel, Professors Ruxandra Botez and Jacques de Guise and the Acting Director of Academic Affairs, Research and Partnerships, Mr. Charles Despins. This photo comes from the ÉTS communications department. Substance’s CC license applies to it.

On January 16, 2018, Mr. Pierre Dumouchel, Director of the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in Montreal, was very pleased to announce the renewal of two Canada Research Chairs led by two of ÉTS’s star researchers: Ruxandra Botez, professor of Aerospace Engineering, and Jacques de Guise, professor of Health Technologies, both highly regarded by Canada’s highest research authorities.

Canada Research Chair in Aircraft Modelling and Simulation Technologies

This Research Chair, led by Ruxandra Botez, was launched in 2011. Its goal is to develop new methodologies for flight dynamics, simulation and control for aircraft and helicopters.

All new aircraft and helicopter models must obtain a Transport Canada Certificate of Airworthiness before flying between two countries [1]. Flight tests are complex, risky and numerous. Professor Botez’s Active Controls, Avionics and Aeroservoelasticity Research Laboratory (LARCASE) flight simulator is helping researchers reduce the number of flight tests required for certification. Achieving this desired reduction will contribute to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions as well as the risk of accidents during actual tests.

Canada Research Chair in Aircraft Modelling and Simulation Technologies

Thanks to the Larcase subsonic wind tunnel, much research tends to improve the aerodynamics of avionic components and assemblies, their aeroelasticity, and tests the controls in different types of aircraft and helicopters.

Canada Research Chair in Aircraft Modelling and Simulation Technologies

Canada Research Chair in 3D Imaging and Biomedical Engineering

This Research Chair, led by Jacques de Guise, was launched in 2004. Through a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional approach, the Chair focuses on the development of tools and methods in medical and three-dimensional imaging, as well as in the development of computer-assisted diagnosis systems.


The renewal of this Research Chair will allow numerous research projects in the areas of medical imaging techniques associated with low-dose biplane X-ray, digital processing automation of medical images, 3D geometric and bio-mechanical modelling of biological structures, 3D assessment of human body kinetics, and computer-assisted assessment of medical, orthopaedic, surgical and rehabilitative treatments. Jacques de Guise is also director of the ÉTS in Imaging and Orthopedics research laboratory (LIO).

Research chairs 3D Imaging and Biomedical Engineering

Professeur Jacques de Guise with a group of LIO students.


It is interesting to note that this is the second renewal of Jacques de Guise’s Research Chair, a rare occurrence in Canada.

The Happy Recipients Express their Gratitude

This event was an opportunity for Ruxandra Botez and Jacques de Guise to thank all those who participated, in one way or another, in the research and in the renewal of their Research Chairs.

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