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Never Lose Your Stuff Again…

Do you often lose things? According to Tileapp website, a person misplaces 3,000 items a year and then spends another 60 hours a year searching for them.

In 2013, a crowdfunded project named Tile became a success raking in $US 2.5 million from nearly 50,000 people. Tile helps you locate misplaced objects using a smartphone application in a very easy way for only $US 25.

How does it work? You attach this small Bluetooth gadget to anything that you don’t want to lose such as keys. To search for a missing item you simply launch the Tile app to find the missing Tile via Bluetooth when you’re close enough (100 feet or 30 meters), or via a crowdsourced community of users and people that install the app.

The video bellow shows the Tile system in action:

A French company launched a similar project: the Wistiki

You can now choose your favorite!


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