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Next Generation Manufacturing Canada Supercluster: Conference Videos

Graduate Evening (SCS) at ÉTS

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On November 6, 2018, ÉTS hosted a Graduate Evening (SCS) on the Next Generation Manufacturing Canada Supercluster, which aim is to integrate the various Industry 4.0 technologies.

ÉTS, through the Siemens Industrial Chair on Industry 4.0 Integration, has partnered with Concordia University and McGill University to launch three major research projects:

  • AMADO (Advanced Manufacturing Automation, Digitization and Optimization),
  • DTPSC (Digital Technology Platform for Supply Chain),
  • DMADO (Digital Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design Optimization).

The following videos show the presentations of the four speakers.

Presentation by David Fransen, Head of Strategy for Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster.

Presentation by Antoine Tahan (in French only), Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at ÉTS.

Presentation by Nadia Bhuiyan, Vice-President, Partnerships and Experiential Learning at Concordia.

Presentation by Dániel Varró, Professor of Software Engineering at McGill

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