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Your own submarine for less than 1,000$!

WOW! Could you just imagine that! Your own submarine for a small fraction of what you would pay somewhere else!! The trick?

MDopenrim1You correctly saw: impossible to sit in But still, this small pocket submarine, in fact, a backpack submarine, will show you the seabed as if you were there. It is called OpenROVversion 2.7 and is manufactured by the company of the same name. It is an “open source” product developed by a community of marine exploration and technology enthusiasts.

Some specifications:

  • It can be acquired as a kit to assemble (cheaper) or already assembled;
  • It has about two hours of battery life;
  • It can dive down to 75 meters (246 feet);
  • It has a USB Web camera and lightning;
  • You use a Gamepad joystick to control it.

It will make you live two hours of adventure and marine exploration if, of course, you are a passionate of this type of adventure, at such a small price


Pictures courtesy of OpenROV company.

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