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Strone Roam, A New Solution to Get Rid of Exorbitant Roaming Charges

Have you ever feared to open your cellphone bill after an international trip?

Strone, a company based in Melbourne, Australia, unveiled the Strone Roam, a device that should allow to make any traveler’s life easier and to cut their phone bills in the future.

Tas Tudor, CEO and co-founder of Strone, had an Eureka moment back in January 2014 when he was often travelling to Sri Lanka and then usually facing huge phone bills. As he could not find any satisfying solutions – such as buying a local prepaid card or an expensive and limited travel pack – he decided to build one. That’s how the Strone Roam was born.


How does it work?

Before travelling, you need to slot your mobile SIM card into the base of the Strone Roam that will stay at home, connected to your Internet connection. While abroad, your calls and messages will then be able to reach you via an iOS or Android app you’ll have previously downloaded on your mobile. Though, as long as your cellphone is connected to the Internet too. To prevent travellers to continuously search for Wifi, Strone will offer a US$50 prepaid 1 GB international roaming SIM card that should work across 190 countries by March 2016.

Once you’re all set, you’ll be able to receive incoming calls and messages via the Strone App, to call your home country without roaming charges and to make international calls via the Strone App at a negotiated price. All of that with your actual phone number!

In the meantime, Strone plans to sell its device in starting February 2016 and is currently pursuing a fundraising campaign in order to achieve its goal.

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