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Smart & Connected Luggage to Travel Easier

Are you the type of person that loves to travel but is often worried to lose their luggage or to have to pay an extra fee for an overweight luggage?

Then the connected baggage may be for you! Several companies are joining this adventure for 2015.

Pluggage, for example, Delsey’s project should be released within a year. For their project, Delsey is asking potential buyers to vote for their favorite features among ten proposals:

  1. Auto weight
  2. Instant battery reload
  3. Onboard detection
  4. Inside lighting system
  5. Flight information
  6. Fingerprint ID
  7. Check lock
  8. Weather forecast
  9. Inside speaker
  10. Trip information

You can also choose the Trunkster or Bluesmart baggage that offer similar features and innovations.

Now is the time for you to choose your next luggage and the price you want to pay for it!

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