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How about a Smart Bike?

 That’s it! 2014 is behind us but hey, your belly is always in front of you … Fortunately, now is the time for resolutions, and this time, you want to keep them. You’re really tired of the spare tire that formed your belly!!! You are going to do sports. But what sport ? Why not a sport that combines fitness and the environment ? Why not biking ? Since you allways have to move in the city, you could do cycling and reduce your carbon emissions for the world to leave to your (future) children.

Yes but the city is dangerous: Cars everywhere, traffic jam. Is there any smart bike that can protect you from all these dangers ? Yes indeed!!!

This is the first smart bike designed by a Canadian start-up company called Vanhawks now available as a result of a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter Website: More than 820,000 dollars CAD raised for this project.

mdsmartb1So this resolution ?

Yes, yes … I understand Snow It’s winter … Why not a “Fatbike” then ? (See our article on Fatbike): seeing it, is believing!!!

Problem solved: A Fatbike for the winter and a smart bike for the summer!

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