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Skreemr: From New York to London in 30 minutes

Charles_BombardierWhat are 30 minutes traveling?

  • If you are walking, you travel a distance of 2.5 km (1.5 miles),
  • running, 5 km (3 miles),
  • with a car on a highway, 50 km (30 miles),
  • in high-speed train, 150 km (90 miles);
  • in airliner, 200 km (120 miles).

Imagine now traveling 5,446 km (3,446 miles) in just 30 minutes,  the distance between New York’s JFK airport and London’s Heathrow Airport. How? By being one of the 75 passengers on the Skreemr concept plane proposed by the engineer, inventor, designer and venture capitalist Charles Bombardier, Joseph-Armand Bombardier grand son, Bombardier Inc. and Bombardier Products recreational Inc. main shareholder. He obtained his mechanical engineering degree at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in Montreal in 1998 after completing a college degree in computer-aided design (CAD / CAM) at Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon .

To travel that distance (5,446 km-3,446 miles) in 30 minutes, including takeoff and landing, the Skreemr will need to fly at a cruising speed of 12,350 kmph (7,675 mph) or Mach 10. In comparison, it is 5 times faster than the defunct Concorde supersonic aircraft (Mach 2) and 6.25 times faster than the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter in development (Mach 1,6).


The SkreemR would initially be powered by an electric launching system called railgun similar to the NASA prototype below.

Nasa electric launch system

The Skreemr rail system should be long enough to reach supersonic speed without making passenger’s acceleration discomforts. This primary propulsion system would achieve Mach 4 without difficulty even before the aircraft leaves the rails. The Skreemr would then ignite its liquid-oxygen / kerosene rockets to climb in altitude and reach or maintain Mach 4 speed.


At proper attitude, he would lit its supersonic combusting ramjet (Scramjet) to reach Mach 10 cruising speed.


Many research still need to be achieve on hypersonic propulsion systems and hypersonic acceleration’s impact on the human body. This project has the advantage of pushing further the human traveling speed limits on our planet.

To see other Charles Bombardier’s achievements, we invite you to consult website. Here are some concepts created by this designer:

Aquarix est un sous-marin électrique personnelle propulsé par une turbine hydraulique. Avec sa technologie intégrée conducteur, il est conçu pour garder les plongeurs débutants à une distance sécuritaire des récifs coralliens et des fonds marins de l'océan afin de protéger ces beaux habitats marins.

Aquarix is a personal electric submarine propelled by a water turbine. With its built-in driverless technology, it is designed to keep novice divers at a safe distance from coral reefs and the ocean’s seabed in order to protect these beautiful marine habitats.


Xoupir (with Montreal city color) is a driverless futuristic four-wheel drive city bus powered by wireless electricity and designed with today’s users in mind. It features smartglass tinted windows, free WiMAXultra-high speed internet access, and you don’t need to buy a ticket or a pass to get onboard.



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