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Robots to Serve Mankind and Health!

Medical robots are transforming the face of healthcare. Assistance through humanoid robots is becoming more and more important. They now  help elderly or disabled person in their daily tasks.

ETS substance selected two recent robots entirely focused on assisting people: Romeo and Robear.

Here, Romeo, a humanoid robot of 1.40 meters and 40 kilos designed by a French company Aldebaran Robotics. Its height allows it to open doors, climb stairs, and even grab objects on a table.

 RIKEN and Sumitomo Riko, two Japanese companies have developed for their part, Robear a nurse robot.

Robear has been designed to be strong and gentle. With its 309 pounds, it is able to move its patients very carefully bearing in his arms. It can lift patients from beds into wheelchairs or help them to stand up. Its soft design inspires confidence and makes us think of a big teddy bear. Demonstration in video.

According to Toshiharu Mukai, leader of the robot sensor systems research team : “we really hope that this robot will lead to advances in nursing care, relieving the burden on care-givers today. we intend to continue with research toward more practical robots capable of providing powerful yet gentle care to elderly people”.

Robots are becoming more commonplace in our lives. Which place will they get in our daily lives?

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