Results of the 2021 Poster Competition - By : Substance,

Results of the 2021 Poster Competition

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On February 17, Basma Zeroual, a Master’s student in Construction Project Management, won first prize in the ÉTS Poster Competition. Her presentation addressed the reuse of construction waste. It was aimed at raising awareness on the importance of making sustainable changes in the way construction sites are managed, from a circular economy perspective (concrete, water, excavated soil, etc.).

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The Poster Competition invites undergraduate and Master’s students with a passion for science to share their interest with the ÉTS community. The objective is to popularize a topic related to the impacts of innovation in engineering, or a research project in progress. The format is an oral presentation of the topic on a poster, with a time limit (10 minutes maximum), in English or French, in front of a jury. The proposed work must take into account aspects of sustainable development.

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