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A real levitating Hoverboard!

Header skateboard image, courtesy of the Hendo Hover company.

Remember the floating skateboard (called Hoverboard) Marty McFly was using in the movie “Back to the Future part 2“?

It was science fiction in 1989, but in a short time, this levitating skateboard without wheels could become a reality.

The Henderson family, inventor and owner of the company Hendo Hover developed a motor that opposes the magnetic forces, something like the maglev trains engines.

 The solution is not perfect:

  • The system operates on a surface which is not ferromagnetic, such as copper or aluminum;
  • Engines batteries work 10 minutes;
  • The (four) engines make a lot of noise;
  • There is no propulsion system.

But it levitates 2.5 cm (one inch) above the soil !!

The Henderson family has already raised $ 291,000 of the $ 250,000 requested on the KickStarter website with 52 days still to do in their campaign. They will therefore be able to continue their work on this Hoverboard and especially make their technology available for those who would like to go further with their idea.


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