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Philae Wakes Up: All You Need to Know

Rosetta’s lander Philae woke up on June 13th 2015 after seven months in hibernation on the surface of Comet Tchouri.

It is with this tweet “Hello Earth! Can you hear me?” that Philae announced its long awaited wake.

“Philae is doing very well: It has an operating temperature of -35°C and has 24 Watts available,” confirmed Philae Project Manager Dr. Stephan Ulamec.

Over one minute, Philae, sent 300 data packets via Rosetta. Scientists were able to realize that Philae was already awake for a while but could not communicate with Rosetta due to lack of energy. There are still more than 8000 data packets in Philae’s mass memory. Philae has yet only 24 watts power reserve which is still low. It will take much more time before Philae may execute additional sustained scientific activities.

Moreover, the French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) announced on June 12th, 2015 that Philae was spotted. In these photos taken on December 12 and 13, a bright spot is seen that didn’t appear in the earlier photos. Nevertheless, its exact location remains uncertain which makes communication with Rosetta still difficult.

Philae position

pictures from  Rosetta’s OSIRIS-NAC camera

For now, we do not know when will be the next contact, but we will keep you posted of its further adventures. Who knows, Rosetta and Philae may drill the mysteries of the origin of life on earth!

Here is an animation of Philae’s landing by David Ducros for the CNES. In this video, the size of Philae and reliefs are amplified.

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Header picture : Credit – ESA / AOES Medialab, source

Picture 1 : Images obtenues avec la caméra OSIRIS-NAC de Rosetta le 22 octobre à 8 km d’altitude et les 12 et 13 décembre 2014 à 18 km d’altitude.



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