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OSHbot robots advisors soon in an hardware store near you!

logoSometimes, it is difficult to find a particular piece of hardware without the help of a counselor working there. It becomes even more difficult in the evenings and weekends because they are employees with little experience looking to help … when you get to find an advisor! Lowe’s US hardware chain may have found how to have experts who could advise you round the clock, 7 days a week : Robots advisors!


These robots called OSHbot were developed by Lowe’s Innovation Labs and the company Fellow Robots, from the Silicon Valley (San Jose), California. Interestingly, this partnership was initiated as part of a program called the Singularity University SU Labs, program that connects corporate innovation teams with startups and other organizations to explore exponentially accelerating technologies and create new sustainable business solutions. Two autonomous robots will be tested soon in an Orchard Supply Hardware store in midtown San Jose, California, to study how this robotic technology can help customers and employees.

But you, would you like to be advise by a robot in a hardware store?

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