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Neoshop Montreal: the New Boutique for Startups!

Neoshop Montreal, soon in North America

On January 6, 2015, the Société du Quartier de l’innovation de Montréal (Qi) is pleased to announce that it has signed a cooperative agreement in principle with Laval Mayenne Technopole (LMT) of France to set up the first Neoshop Montreal innovation boutique in North America. This boutique for startups, an original retail concept imported from Europe, will be located in the former Montreal planetarium Dow.

Designed to promote and support start-ups, Neoshop is a unique concept that allows not only to support young companies in the marketing of their products, but also the establishment of direct relations between consumers and startups. Thus, new products are subject to feedback from customers who participate in their improvement by providing their assessments and comments. This original concept allows both improving and accelerating startups marketing processes while establishing a unique consumer experience and relationships.

neoshop4“Neoshop’s arrival in Montreal is a milestone that fits perfectly with the QI’s vision of creative and engaged entrepreneurial development, and its inauguration will reflect our enthusiasm. There is no question that this concept will benefit the revitalization and repurposing of the former Dow Planetarium building, whose future is now assured,” said Damien Silès, executive director of the QI.

The project’s uniqueness is to include in its model, the whole business ecosystem: startups, consumers, distributors, investors, marketing, etc. Neoshop is somehow a launching pad to a larger scale products commercialization since it enables enterprises to validate the attractiveness and products potential in a marketing context with process improvement.

Quartier de l’innovation will be Neoshop Montreal’s sole owner. Entirely dedicated to startups in Quebec and around the world, it will be part of the Neoshop international innovation boutiques. It will also feature a Website where visitors can make purchases and provide their opinions of products. In addition to promoting job creation and accelerate economic development in the city‘s Quartier de l’innovation, Neoshop Montreal will facilitate access to international markets with strong growth potential.


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