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Montreal Based Start-up Revols Launches Adjustable Earphones

Founded in 2014, Revols is a Montreal based start-up hosted in Concordia University’s incubator District 3. Founders Navi Cohen and Daniel Blumer came up with their brilliant idea through a very common statement: earphones do not suit any ears and they are usually pretty uncomfortable.

Their earbuds are equipped with molding tips containing a quick-hardening gel. After adapting the earphone to your ear, you just need to activate the app on your smartphone that will initiate the 60-seconds (only!) chemical process that will mould it to the shape of your ear.

There has been quite a competition in this business area for the last few years, but Revols very much hope to distinguish themselves by joining forces with Onkyo, a Japanese company specialized in audio equipment. Revols’ earbuds have an 8 hours autonomy which can be extended thanks to a specific battery charger.

Their Kickstarter campaign offering early bird rates ($169 instead of $300 for a pair of earbuds) was launched in November and has already convinced about 2 700 contributors who raised around $600 000. It will end on January 8th and first shippings will be in June 2016.

In the same field, Jérémie Voix, acoustic-specialized Professor at ÉTS ’Mechanical Engineering department, has himself developed extensively in this area. He has been the CTO and VP of Scientific Research at Sonomax where he worked on the development of a “smart earplug”(Sonomax-ÉTS Industrial Research Chair in In-Ear Technologies (CRITIAS))


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