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Lithium-O2 Batteries Revamp By Specialized Viruses

Lithium-air batteries technology may well be on a hot spot with recent work by MIT researchers who identified a genetically modified virus that increased cathode surfaces thus leading to better performances.

In the quest for electric cars with improved driving autonomy, MIT discovered technical beneficial effects to the lithium-O2 batteries technology from adding the M13 virus to the production of nanowires.  The virus capture metallic ions from water and biosynthesized a solid manganese oxide wire structure.  The rough nanowires surface produced increased the surface area available for the battery electrochemical activity.  The results are to enhance the charging-discharging capacities of the battery with a stable bio-linked 3D structure and then increase power per battery weight.

Angela Belcher, professor of Energy at MIT and specialized in biological engineering and materials science explains the M13 biosynthesis process.


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