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The Lightie: Let There Be Light!


Header picture and other Lightie pictures are from the Lightie website, source.

If you could observe the African continent from space, during the night, this is what you would see:


There is almost no light! This picture was taken by NASA, in 2012. Compare this with a picture of North America by night, taken the same year, to see the difference:


Every day, 2 billion people are forced to live in complete darkness because they cannot afford the cost of oil for paraffin lanterns. These lanterns and candles are responsible for the death of 2 million people each year. Moreover, the burning oil in lanterns releases 190 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

How can light be brought to a continent such as Africa? After 3 years of work and creative thinking, Michael Suttner, a mechanical engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur, found a solution that offers sustainable, safe and affordable lighting to 600 million Africans and to the rest of the World: The Lightie.


The Lightie is a solar powered LED light that can be placed in a bottle with an opening of 22 mm, which is a worldwide standard. Simple! You place the light inside, turn the cap and there you have it: the lamp you need.

Some technical specifications:

  • State-of-the-art flexible solar panels
  • Durable, sturdy acrylic housing
  • Lithium battery technology
  • 8 hrs in the sun yields 40 hrs+ of light (low intensity)
  • Will charge even under cloudy/rainy conditions
  • Produces 12x more light than a paraffin lantern
  • Battery will last 4-5 years (2000 cycles)
  • Designed to fit all 22 mm soda bottle openings. 22 mm is a worldwide standard size

This is what could be called a WOW idea!


The price? Under $10.00.

Michael Suttner received several prizes for this innovation and is determined to introduce the Lightie to the entire word.


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