LÉTS GO Technology Mission– France 2022 - By : Amélie Émard,

LÉTS GO Technology Mission– France 2022

Amélie Émard
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Amélie Émard is an International Affairs Manager at the ÉTS International Relations Department.

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The goal of this student group is to help future engineers broaden their technological horizons, but also develop their interpersonal, project management, and teamwork skills. The LÉTS GO Technology Missions take place every year and give a dozen students the chance to discover engineering abroad. These missions aim to develop exchanges and collaborations between ÉTS and foreign universities and companies. During their two-week stay, students learn about the different practices and corporate culture of major engineering corporations around the world, through visits to companies and universities operating in various fields. 

Since 2012, the Technology Mission projects have enabled nearly one hundred ÉTS undergraduate and graduate students to acquire new know-how related to industry, technology and university research abroad, in countries where ÉTS has collaborative scientific and industrial ties. The selected students come from all engineering programs and stand out for their strong interest in engineering in its international dimension.

Participants of the 2019 LÉTS GO Technology Mission – Germany

Supported by the International Relations Department, Cooperative Education Department and faculty, students are responsible for organizing and implementing one mission per year. This year, participants will be grouped into two committees: the Funding and Logistics Committee, and the Event and Communication Committee. The participants will be responsible for promotion, management, fund-raising and prospecting of companies for the visits. Indeed, it is the participants who make this trip a most rewarding and memorable activity.

After Denmark (2012), Sweden (2013), Germany (2014), Ireland and the United Kingdom (2015), Japan (2016), China (2017), the Canadian-American West Coast (2018) and Germany (2019), the 9th edition of the mission will take place in France (2022). 

An information session will be held on Thursday, September 30 at 5:00 p.m. in the Graduate Lounge (E-2033). The two mission co-leaders and participants from previous missions will be on site to answer questions and share their experience. 

Please visit the LÉTS GO Technology Missions web page to learn more about the missions, register for the information session or find out how to apply. 

We look forward to meeting you!

Amélie Émard

Author's profile

Amélie Émard is an International Affairs Manager at the ÉTS International Relations Department.

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