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Google Glass: Instant Captioning for Hearing Impaired

More than 36 million of American adults report some degree of hearing loss. The project from Georgia Institute of Technology, is to help deaf or hard-of-hearing people’s communication, through the use of Google Glass. How? By transforming aural information to visual information.

The system can enhance accessibility to audio information in various contexts: conversations, lectures and also conferences. The visual display capabilities of Google Glass is used to assist the hard-of-hearings by displaying real-time captioning of the discussion. People will no longer need to read lips or wear hearing aids. The video below explains the system.

The application requires for the hearing impaired person to wear Google Glass and for the other person he wishes to talk to, to speak in a smartphone (Android)

 The application conducts nearly instantly the text to the Glass over a safe Bluethooth connection.

Here’s a demonstration of this application:

Moreover, this project faces the need to adjust their product to their customer. For instance, “size of the font can be altered to account for Glass users with vision issues”.

Research is ongoing in that area. The process of communication needs to be more fluid, the transcription faster and finally the application to be more “user friendly” especially for older people.

You can download the application. For the moment, only English version is available.

Would you like to try it?

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