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CES 2015: From Gadgets to Innovation

CES 2015The 2015 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas is over!

The CES event includes nearly 20,000 of new various products and technologies, 3,600 exhibitors who brought the latest in innovation in categories such as automotive, healthcare solutions, 3D printers, drones and more. It is also at this event that had been discovered for the first time,DVD player and HD TV. Here is a short selection for you!

 Autonomous car

The trend for self-driving cars is confirmed. An Audi A7 traveled 900 km completely autonomously to get to Las Vegas. Mercedes, presented FO15, the car of the future. It will be autonomous and electric but above its luxurious interior, its swivel seats to form a rolling living room, are totally surprising and innovative.


3D Printing

With 3D printing, whole new avenues for creativity are being explored. For example, the new MakerBot 3D printing materials imitate stone, wood and metal. Further 3D printing become also accessible to everyone.


Smart Home

2015 is also the year of smart and connected home, as example, the with Smart Homer Server 30sec from Chipsip Technology

Intelligent Drones

Hexo+ and AirDog, two autonomous and intelligent drones presented on Substance ÉTS in July 2014, had a real success at this event. ZANO, is a new miniaturized version of them.

Finally, there are two innovations that made us smile…

 Connected plant pot

The French company Parrot introduced the Parrot Pot, the most advanced connected plant pot. It has a 2,2L reservoir, it provides up to 1 month of smart, autonomous irrigation, keeping your plants healthy until your return.

Smart Belt

Belty can be constantly connected to your smartphone through an application. The belt is also intelligent and adapts to specific situations: It automatically loosen the belt as you sit or tightening the belt as you stand.

Next CES will be in Shanghai, China, from 25 to 27 may 2015. Mark your calendars!

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