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Cars With Transparent Pillars


It is not easy to see around us with all tthe pillars holding the rooftop.


Figure 1 Placement of roof pillars. Source [Img1]

They necessarily have an impact on driving (Figure 1).

  • Pillars A on each side of the windshield affect the peripheral vision;
  • Pillars B between the front and rear doors prevent us from seeing vehicles in blind spots (see Figure 2);
  • Pillars C and D prevent us from seeing obstacles behind the vehicle while in reverse.


Figure 2 Vehicles blind spots. Source [Img2]

And it is worse in sports cars! (figures 3 and 4)


Figure 3 A Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4: What a car! Source [Img3]


Figure 4 From the inside, however, the view is quite limited… Source [Img4]

What then?

Tata Motors Limited, manufacturer of the prestigious Jaguar and Land Rover brands, is proposing to make pillars disappear… Well, almost!


This is an interesting innovation, which will take some time before it is offered in compact cars.

Futhermore, have you seen the future GPS system that consists of simply following  a “virtual car”? At the end of the above video, you will notice that the driver is guided by a car image appearing on the windshield and looking as if it was driven in front of him. A message prompts him to follow that car, which will take him to his desired location (Figure 5).

Le système « Follow me » proposé par la compagnie Tata. Source [Img4]

Figure 5 The “Follow me” system from Tata Motors Limited. Source [Img5]

No need to listen to a voice guided instructions or to look sideways at maps on a GPS scren anymore. Brilliant! This too, however, may take some time to appear in the more modest cars.


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