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Calcul Québec for Access to State-of-the-Art Advanced Research Computing

Calculs Québec

Research groups

In Québec, researchers form groups in order to submit requests for research funding. Each Québec Research Fund supports thousands of research students, hundreds of research projects, and dozens of research groups through scholarships and grants from the three Québec funding programs (Nature and technologies, Health, and Society and culture). It is in the best interest of Professors and researchers to apply for membership in one or several research groups from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec. The research groups offer many advantages. This series of articles will present the key research groups that may be of interest to students, researchers and engineering professors seeking funding for their work.

For more information on the research groups, please read the following article: Why Become a Member of a Research Group?

Calculs Québec

Calculs Québec is composed of 84 researchers from about ten universities. Its objective is to provide advanced research computing (ARC) to researchers and industrial partners whose research areas involve modeling and digital simulation. In addition to providing access to computing resources (data centers hosting state-of-the-art supercomputer technology) and to highly qualified specialists, Calculs Québec provides training, particularly on targeted programming techniques. In all, there are more than 550 research groups and nearly 1925 users who benefit from its services.

It supports research groups that work in various fields: aerodynamics, chemistry, environment, biomedical engineering, finance, genomics, artificial intelligence, materials, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, humanities and literature, transportation…

Calculs Québec is a regional partner of Compute Canada, a non-profit organization responsible for coordinating advanced research computing across Canada.

Become a member of Calculs Québec

Any researcher eligible for grants from Canadian research councils can become a member of Calculs Québec. Postdoctoral researchers or graduate students must be sponsored by a professor. For more information, visit the website of Calculs Québec.

The activities organized by Calcul Québec (training, tutorials and capsules) are open to all. Consult the website for details.

Professors Philippe Bocher, Jacques de Guise, Louis Dufresne, Azzeddine Soulaïmani and Chamseddine Talhi of the École de technologie supérieure (ETS) are part of this research group.

Calculs Québec

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