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Back to School 2020: Everything You Need to Know

Maison des étudiants, École de technologie supérieure


Since last winter, Covid-19 has forced us all to be creative and to adapt. Remotely or in person? It’s not easy to navigate! The Substance team is offering a short survival guide to help you find your way through this unique back-to-school season.

In Person or Remotely, in a Nutshell

The ÉTS INIT Robots Laboratory

Graduate student at the INIT Robots Laboratory

Generally speaking, teaching activities are being conducted remotely for both undergraduate and graduate levels. Some hands-on activities like laboratory work will take place in person. Integration activities are also being offered on campus. For example, students can sign up for an in-person guided tour of the ÉTS campus conducted in small groups until September 11. Outdoor and indoor shows are also being offered on campus.

Graduate students from abroad who are waiting for travel restrictions to be relaxed so they can settle in Montreal have the option to begin their education remotely. Students already in the country have access to their respective labs as well as the entire campus in order to pursue their research.

General welcome sessions are offered on Zoom (and in replay mode) for all students depending on their situation (links to come):

A brief tour of ÉTS is also presented in the following video (in French only):


And you can also find here important dates for the upcoming academic year.

The Library, Your Best Ally

The ÉTS library will be open to the ÉTS community as of September 8. It will offer the same services as before while following the prescribed distancing rules. New this year: Sofia, a search tool common to all 18 Quebec university libraries allows users to see available documents throughout the network. Take this opportunity to visit the section reserved for graduate students.

An ÉTS Research Showcase

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