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B-CITI, a Project that Brings Cities Closer to their Citizens

Driven by the Montreal company Metix, B-CITI is a digital platform designed to bring the cities closer to their citizens, by offering them digital access to all their services.

Metix, a Montreal-Based Company at the Heart of Digital Innovation

“Shaping the Future by creating digital innovations that improve the quality of life of organizations and individuals”: this is the promise that can be found on the Metix website, which aptly defines the variety of the company’s projects. Led by Vivianne Gravel, and located at the INGO Innovation Centre for the past 2 years, Metix is divided into two different entities:

  • Metix Inc., a collaborative platform responsible for identifying the need for innovation in a traditional sector, developing its technological platform, and marketing the concept.
  • Metix Capital Inc., the entity responsible for the funding, launch, and growth of the product developed by its sister company.

Structure Metix_EN

Their business model is ingenious: Metix forms an alliance with an organization seeking to reinvent itself, to devise a digital innovation, and with a university to help develop the invention. Mrs. Gravel already tested this recipe for success within her first business, Lipso (acquired since by Transcontinental), which offered an integrated mobile solution to clients such as Rogers Media, CBC / Radio-Canada, Air Canada, and Air Miles. The technological solution was designed in collaboration with François Gagnon, Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, at the École de technologie supérieure de Montréal, lab member of the LACIME, and member of the Metix Board of Directors.

Since then, Metix has developed, using the same model, several promising projects, such as chronometriq, Certifié Tech’, Meto, and B-CITI, their latest addition and the main subject of this article.

B-CITI, the Digital Heart of the City’s Systems and Processes

Launched in partnership with the City of Brossard (Québec) and the LACIME laboratory of the École de technologie supérieure in Montreal, B-CITI is an integrated citizen application that allows users to access the activities and programs offered by the City, and also to participate in improving these services. B-CITI centralizes the data and processes of the City and uses data validation algorithms and machine learning, as well as business intelligence techniques. It offers the City the possibility of making its data accessible in a simple and safe manner, and sharing its digital capital with its citizens and industry so as to better include these agents in the collective project of creating a smart and digital city. At present, B-CITI subscribers can renew and pay their subscription to recreational activities and the library, pay the day camp registration of their children, buy a parking permit, report an abnormal situation through the application and by attaching photos, receive automated alerts issued by the city in case of emergency, give their opinion in surveys and consultations, and modify the personal information in their file. B-CITI was also designed to be adaptive and configurable. Plans are being developed to expand the functionality of the application and, especially, to export the model to other cities hoping to begin a transition to the Digital City and improve relations with their citizens. In addition to being an active participant in its development, the City of Brossard is also a financial partner in the project and will receive royalties on sales of B-CITI to other municipalities. One more innovation in creating the city of the future!

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