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Assisting the Construction Industry in its Digital Transition

Professor Ali Motamedi joined the Department of Construction Engineering last fall.

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Specialized in new information technologies in construction and building operations, Ali Motamedi’s focus is on the Internet of Things (IoT), localization, building information modeling (BIM), and data visualization.

Professor Motamedi, of Iranian origin, explains: “My goal is to help the construction industry in Québec in its digitalization journey by using new technologies and re-engineered processes. In my research, I participate in creating digital models of a building that contain all its lifecycle information… The sensors, building automation systems and future ambient intelligence technologies will feed these digital models. Having a standard digital model helps improve almost all lifecycle processes from the design to the utilization and the operation of the facility.”

When it comes to his research, Mr. Motamedi is most passionate about its ability to produce real-world applications and “improve current industry practices in a very tangible way”, he adds. He is also committed to the common good, since his work has a direct impact on the environment. The applications that result from his work, delivering highly practical improvements in industry practices, are especially exciting for Professor Motamedi. “My research focuses on improving work efficiency in the construction industry, protecting workers on work sites, protecting residents and reducing the major impact of construction on the environment” adds the researcher. In this respect, he is involved in the Research Group in Integrated and Sustainable Construction (GRIDD)—part of the ÉTS Industrial Research Chair on the Integration of Digital Technologies in Construction—whose focus is to transform construction practices and education in Québec in developing a sustainable built environment.

Committed to Sustainable Development

Ali Motamedi, professeur au Département de génie de la construction de l’École de technologie supérieure

Ali Motamedi, professeur au Département de génie de la construction de l’ÉTS

Ali Motamedi holds a PhD from Concordia University, where his research focused on integrating BIM and the Internet of Things into building construction and operation and visual analytics. From 2014 to 2016, he was also part of a research group at Osaka University, Japan, working in BIM-based virtual and augmented reality models to develop applications for building design, construction, and maintenance. He taught and directed student work at both Osaka University and ÉTS, and has extensive experience in the private sector. He worked in information technology as a designer, project manager, and consultant, and conducted research in BIM and facilities management for the Pomerleau construction company.

In joining the ÉTS faculty, Ali Motamedi chose the research and education path. He finds that, “Working in an academic environment is a privilege that enables me to interact with young and innovative talents, provide engineering and ethical training to future engineers, and benefit from academic freedom to advance science and technology in a direction that helps humanity and protects the environment.”

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