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A Robot that Cleans, Sorts and Fold your Laundry!

Tired of doing your laundry? The American company Willow Garage and researchers from UC Berkeley have found a solution. The robot PR2 is able to sort your laundry, open the machine, adjust the detergent quantity and above all fold your laundry!

Demonstration in video :

According to researchers, the reliability and robustness of the algorithm allow it to reliably and fully-autonomously fold previously unseen towels, demonstrating success on all 50 out of 50 single-towel trials as well as on a pile of 5 towels. The PR2 robot can perceive and manipulate “deformable objects”. Unfortunately, the PR2 can’t differentiate between a clean, rumpled garment and a dirty, rumpled garment. To read the complet scientific paper Click here.

On the same subject, the European project COPLEMA developed a robot that recognizes, sorts and folds textiles. It is equipped with two cameras of 16 megapixels and a touch sensor enabling it to identify materials.

Explanations and details in video:

When will this type of robot be commercialized? Will it board ?

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