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3D printing: How to make a Shelby Cobra by Additive Manufacturing!

3D printing: It’s good, even better. But sometimes it gives the feeling of an “amateur project.” An example? This lawnmower project:

It works! It really cuts grass !!! On the need to cut the long grass in a place where it would be difficult to get a lawn mower, the creative author of this project demonstrated that it was possible to  “print” one by additive manufacturing. But the look say … amateur. Products manufactured by 3D printing sometimes give that impression.

Rarely a 3D printing product with that kind of finish gives us a totally opposite impression, to the point that we begin to really doubt the claims of its authors. Take a look at these pictures: For you, which one was built using 3D printing?

Shelby Cobrashelby cobra 3d

It is the last one: Did you guessed right? Can you imagine that this vehicle really works, it was produced by 3D printing with the molds also made by additive manufacturing in 6 WEEKS?

Amazing evolution made by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the research center that presented the Strati, a car designed by 3D printing in ONLY two days, a couple of weeks ago.

We really feel that this will mark a transition and a recognition of the great potential of 3D printing. We used to say it, but today we see it … and we could also see that Shelby Cobra at the 2015 Detroit auto show, from January 12th to 25th, 2015.

Shleby Cobra 3D

Maybe in a near future, we’ll be able to drive one!

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